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Ho, ho, Hodes! Ain’t no taint too big?

Union Leader


August 1, 2010

This is too rich. Paul Hodes is "saddened to read the very serious charges'' against the scoundrel, and fellow congressman, Charlie Rangel. "After reading these very serious charges,'' Hodes believes "that it has come time for him to step down.''

At least Hodes didn't use a Casablanca line and say that he was shocked! shocked! to learn that gambling was going on, as he was handed his share of the winnings. No, Hodes, like everyone else in Washington, has known for months about Rangel's ethics violations. He was merely "saddened'' because the charges were finally formalized and he could no longer avoid them.

But Hodes won't be returning any of the money Rangel has given to his campaigns. That money, totaling $17,000, is gone. Spent. Poof.

And Hodes can't take an equivalent amount and either return it to Rangel or give it to some charity, which is what U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and congressional hopeful Katrina Swett had, respectively, already done with Rangel-tainted cash?

It's not that Hodes can't do that. He simply won't. His reasoning? Some Republicans have taken money that he considers tainted and unless and until they give back their tainted money, Hodes ain't giving back his tainted money.

Paul Hodes for Senate: Saddened, tainted, and ready on Day One.