CHQ - The Death of Conservatism was Greatly Exaggerated

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The death of conservatism was greatly exaggerated
Wall Street Journal -- Peter Berkowitz writes on the fallacy perpetuated by liberals after President Obama was elected that conservatism was 'dead,' arguing that, just a short time later, it's evident that the conservative movement is very much 'alive' and thriving.  Berkowitz credits the excesses of President Obama and the Democratic congressional leaders for the revival, however, and says conservatives still have a lot of work to do to try and get the country back on track after years of living beyond our means.

Pressure from conservatives forced the NRA to withdraw from Reid endorsement -- Erick Erickson blogs on yet another successful 'mission' from the conservative grassroots, this time in putting enough pressure on the National Rifle Association to make the gun rights group realize the potentially disastrous effects of endorsing Majority Leader Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race.  Erickson was just one of many who urged conservatives to contact the NRA on the matter, and it's obvious that the great weight of conservative opinion brought results in this case.

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