Newly endorsed join 97 others committed to individual liberty, limited government and free markets

CONCORD, N.H.―With only two weeks left before this year’s game-changing primary election, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire added another 45 endorsed candidates after reviewing a third round of surveys submitted through the group’s Web site:

The 45 listed below include candidates for state senator and state representative. They join a coalition of 97 other Republicans already endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire for a total of 142 endorsed candidates (download the full list).

“Once elected, these 142 candidates will be leaders who bring restorative change to New Hampshire with their common sense agenda,” said Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “No longer will growing government and the taxes and spending that come with it govern the state. These leaders will restore the principles of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility and free enterprise to New Hampshire.”

RLCNH works hard to get its endorsed candidates elected. The caucus gives its candidates access to financial support, networking opportunities and prepared campaign materials. RLCNH is also promoting a shared agenda called Common Sense for New Hampshire, which will build momentum in the Legislature for laws that promote jobs and economic opportunity, fix health care in New Hampshire and empower parents and local communities.

                                                 Round Three Candidate Endorsements


State Senator Candidates

State Representative Candidates

Jeanie Forrester, Senate District 2 (Meredith)

Frank R. Holden, Hillsborough 4 (Lyndeborough)

Fran Wendelboe, Senate District 2 (New Hampton)

Robert Hull, Grafton 10 (Grafton)


Robert Introne, Rockingham 3 (Londonderry)

State Representative Candidates

John A. Kalb, Merrimack 12 (Concord)

Albert "Max" Abramson, Rockingham 14 (Seabrook)

Walter Kolodziej, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

Peter Angerhofer, Strafford 21 (Durham)

Ann L. Lane, Strafford 7 (Durham)

Jason P. Antosz, Rockingham 9 (Epping)

Sean McGuinness, Hillsborough 20 (Nashua)

Gary S. Azarian, Rockingham 4 (Salem)

Charles E. McMahon, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

Dick Barry, Hillsborough 19 (Merrimack)

Bob Mead, Hillsborough 4 (Mont Vernon)

David Bates, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

Rick Okerman, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

D.J. Bettencourt, Rockingham 4 (Salem)

Lenette M. Peterson, Hillsborough 19 (Merrimack)

Bruce R. Breton, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

Laurie P. Pettengill, Carroll 1 (Bartlett)

Kevin J. Brown, Hillsborough 26 (Nashua)

Robert H. Rowe, Hillsborough 6 (Amherst)

John Cebrowski, Hillsborough 18 (Bedford)

Carl Seidel, Hillsborough 20 (Nashua)

Lisa Cordwell, Coos 4 (Milan)

Phillip N. Straight, Hillsborough 19 (Merrimack)

Gary Daniels, Hillsborough 6 (Milford)

John Sytek, Rockingham 4 (Salem)

Susan DeLemus, Strafford 1 (Rochester)

John E. Tholl Jr., Coos 2 (Whitefield)

Ron Dupuis, Rockingham 13 (North Hampton)

Joseph Thomas, Hillsborough 19 (Merrimack)

David N. Fullerton, Hillsborough 1 (Hillsborough)

Moe Villeneuve, Hillsborough 18 (Bedford)

Gary A. Gahan, Hillsborough 19 (Merrimack)

Lou Vita, Strafford 3 (Middleton)

Marilinda Garcia, Rockingham 4 (Salem)

Kevin Waterhouse, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

Mary E. Griffin, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

David A. Welch, Rockingham 8 (Kingston)

Warren Groen, Strafford 1 (Rochester)

Randall Whitehead, Hillsborough 26 (Nashua)

Dick Hinch, Hillsborough 19 (Merrimack)


About The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire
RLCNH, a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, was launched in December 2004 to promote and advance traditional Republican Party values, such as limited government, low taxes and spending, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise and loyalty to the U.S. and N.H. constitutions.