Bender campaign kicks-off “Jim for Jobs” tour on the Seacoast today

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Hampton business owner says work is scarce because consumers have no money to spend in down economy


Hampton, NH- Today, Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate, kicked off the
“Jim for Jobs” tour at Hampton Concrete Inc.  Jim toured the company and spoke with owner, Lisa Brown Kucharski about her concerns with the economy and the lack of jobs in the region. 

Hampton Concrete was started by Kucharski’s father in 1959 and she said she has never seen business this bad.  “It is actually worse than the1980’s.  There is big competition for the teeny bit of work there is; everybody is fighting for it.  People I talk to are working for less than half of what they used to.  As a business owner, every little thing adds up.  This time of year I am usually booked six to ten weeks out, but I only have one job on the books right now.”

 Kucharski said the recent Healthcare bill passed under the Obama administration is a “horrible idea, small business can’t afford it.”  She employs four people part time and said the idea of government run health care insurance doesn’t make sense.  “I wouldn’t be able to open the door.  I have had to take out my own personal savings to keep the company afloat for the past year and a half because of the economy.”   Her retired 65 year old husband went back to work to help out.  “I think it’s a really good thing that Americans wake up and pay attention.”

Jim stated the importance of creating an environment for small businesses to be able to grow and create jobs.  “That means putting an end to the out of control government spending and regulations that strangle small businesses.  Obama care is death by a thousand cuts for small business owners and was never about saving money for the consumer.  The truth is, it will be more expensive and will give the government more control over our lives from cradle to grave.  Small businesses will also now have to deal with an onslaught of new taxes and burdensome paperwork for example, the hidden 1099 tax mandate puts the burden of paying for this unwanted government health care on the small business owner.  The tax and spend crowd in Washington has done nothing for jobs except destroy them.  I have the leadership skills and good judgment to go to Washington to rein in spending and put the government on a strict diet.”