Progressives States Action - In Wake Of MO Vote, Right Wing Failing To Nullify Health Care In States


State legislators to speak Wednesday on failure of ALEC-supported anti-health care bills in 26 states and counting, growing support for health care law in states

Recent media attention has focused on right-wing attempts to nullify the federal health care law, such as the court case in Virginia and the ballot initiative being voted on today in Missouri. But the facts are clear: progress on implementation of the law is moving forward in the vast majority of states, while in the vast majority of states where nullification legislation has been introduced, it has failed:

Map: Failure of Right Wing Obstruction on Health Care

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 12 noon ET, Progressive States Network will be holding a telephonic press briefing with state legislative leaders on health care from around the nation to highlight the failure of right wing efforts to nullify health care law, as well as the growing opposition to the repeal of health care law in the states:

WHO: State Sen. Jack Hatch (IA), Co-Chair, Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee; Assistant Majority Leader
State Sen. Karen Keiser (WA), Chair, Health and Long-Term Care Committee
State Rep. Garnet Coleman (TX), Co-chair, Progressive States Network
Nathan Newman, Executive Director, Progressive States Network

WHAT: Telephone press briefing on the failure of right-wing health care nullification in the states.

WHEN: Wednesday, 8/4/10, 12 noon EDT

Please RSVP here for call-in info.

As the American Legislative Exchange Council opens their annual conference this week, their claims of success on health care nullification ring hollow: 26 states and counting have rejected health care nullification, while even the most right-wing state governments are moving forward on implementing the new law for the benefit of their citizens (For more, see

Yesterday, a group of state legislators working with Progressive States Network and the Constitutional Accountability Center announced their intent to file an Amicus Brief in support of the federal government in the lawsuit being brought by Virginia's Attorney General to nullify the new health care law.

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