In “Deficit Spending,” Bass Asks, “Where Does the President Think the Money is Coming From?”

Concord, NH- Peterborough Republican Charlie Bass today released the fourth in a series of videos that outline his positions on key issues and campaign developments.   Bass is running for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd District. 

In “Deficit Spending,” which can be viewed on Bass’ YouTube Channel and the video section of the campaign’s website,, Bass says, “People in Washington think that they can spend money that belongs to you and me and our children, to provide benefits for people today.  Who do they think is going to have to pay the bill for all of this?  The President travels around American and says, ‘I’ve got this gift for you, and I’ve got that gift for you… Where does he think the money is coming from?   It’s coming from you and from me.   We aren’t a bottomless pit of money to give away.”


Bass continues, “Every dollar that the government spends has to ultimately come from the pockets of someone who earns it.   And right now, 43 cents out of every dollar that is spent is being borrowed from you, and from me, and from my two children and from your children – and that just isn’t fair.”