Jim Bender to Republican opponents in new web video, “Show the Voters Your Soles!”

Jim Bender to Republican opponents, “Show the Voters Your Soles!”

Jim Bender campaign releases new web video entitled, “Show the Voters Your Soles!”

Hollis, NH- The video features Jim bringing his shoes to Tom at Gary’s Boot’ n Shoe Repair in Nashua to be re-soled for the fifth time in the past 6 months, proving he has literally burned a hole in his shoes walking across the Granite State to meet voters. 

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Title: “Show the Voters Your Soles!” video (:48)

Tom:  "This is the 5th pair of shoes you've got here in the past couple months.

Jim:  “I've been campaigning all over the state, finding out what the people of New Hampshire are worried about, and they're worried about jobs, the  soft economy, and government spending.  This is what happens when we meet a couple hundred people a week and wear out shoes!” 

Tom: "I'm not worried about jobs when I've got customers like you."

Jim: “In this economy, people are probably repairing their shoes instead of buying new ones.”

Jim knows the value of a dollar and the importance of stretching that dollar, living on a budget, and not spending excessively in a down economy.  Jim would apply the same philosophy as a US Senator to reduce government spending.

Jim will continue to travel all over the state from Stratham to Laconia meeting with voters to get out his message of  job creation, lower taxes and less government intrusion in our lives. 

To track the trail of Jim’s shoes, go to: www.benderforsenate.com/shoes