Bender for Senate - At stop on "Jim for Jobs tour," Bender Comments on Economic Stability

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Bender campaign continues “Jim for Jobs” tour at Len Tex Corporation, North Walpole, NH

Len Tex business owner says more certainty, stability and focus at federal level is needed to restore economy and bring jobs back

Jim Bender, U.S. Senate candidate, visited the Len Tex Corporation, in North Walpole, New Hampshire today as he continued his “Jim for Jobs” tour of New Hampshire.  Len Tex Corporation is a family owned business and is one of the leading manufacturers of premium commercial grade wall coverings for hotels, hospitals, and offices.  The business started in 1983 and owners Don and Charlie Lennon said they currently have 80 employees and had to lay off 20 people in this past year because of the downturn in the economy.

Owner Charlie Lennon said, “we’ve been through a number of recessions and this is the worst of them all.  We would be feeling the improvement if there was a little more certainty, stability and focus at federal level to rebuild the industrial base and industrial capacity in this country and that doesn’t mean buyouts or bailouts or anything of the sort.  That’s the problem.”

Jim Bender remarked, “when businesses know what they can expect for costs then they will take the risks to grow and hire.  Today, with the government passing bills that they have not even read, how can a business owner possibly take any chances of growing their businesses, creating more jobs and making commitments to hire?”

Charlie Lennon added, “they don’t understand how capital works best and unfortunately government gets involved and the crisis gets prolonged and the healing never gets rolling.”

“Elect me to the U. S. Senate and I will fight for creating a stable environment to bring back the focus on what it takes to bring jobs to New Hampshire.” Bender added.