CHQ - Missouri Obamacare vote: grassroots stirring is now grassroots roaring

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Missouri Obamacare vote: grassroots stirring is now grassroots roaring
American Spectator - In what could be the first true popular referendum on the Big Government Obamacare bill passed by Congress in March, Missouri's voters passed Proposition C on Tuesday by a margin of 71-29. Proposition C is aimed at protecting the state's residents from the mandate contained in the Obamacare law that would require individuals to purchase health insurance or else pay a penalty - and Missouri's citizens were unequivocal in saying 'no' to this unconstitutional usurping of their liberty.

David Freddoso: GOP congressional holdovers don't seem 100% with 'the wave' yet
Washington Examiner -- As if we needed reminding, David Freddoso lays out the numbers from the last time that Republicans controlled Congress, and they aren't pretty. Republicans were responsible for vastly increasing spending and expanding government, as well as failing to restrict federal power in many other areas, a fact that voters have not forgotten - and it won't be enough for them to claim 'we're not nearly as bad as the Democrats' this time around. Conservatives will be watching them intently.

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