CNHT - Pledge Takers for 2010 Released


CONCORD, NH - August 5, 2010 — Today the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, New Hampshire's largest statewide taxpayer group, released a list of candidates who have taken the CNHT Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The "Pledge" as it is called, originated from the days of former Governor Meldrim Thomson. It is a basic affirmation of a candidate's commitment to his or her opposition to any attempt to institute any and all broad-based sales or income taxes for New Hampshire.

"Now more than ever we need candidates who offer more than slogans such as "change", said Ed Naile, Chairman of CNHT.

"Voters need some assurance that candidates share their long ignored desire for smaller government, less regulation, and low taxes. This can only be accomplished by holding candidates accountable and that is what "The Pledge" has done for several decades."

He concluded, "This election cycle it is imperative voters have as many candidates for office as possible pledge to get taxes and spending under control. Demand a "Pledge" from your candidates and hold them to it."

Primary elections will be held on September 14. Candidates from any and all parties are invited to take the non-partisan Pledge right up until the November 2 general election.  They can do so by simply sending their request to the

The wording of the Pledge as well as the listings of candidates can be seen at