DNC - Are Bass, Horn & Giuda Drinking the Tea?

As Fringe Tea Party Caucus is Formed on Capitol Hill, Will 2nd District Republicans Stand With or Stand Up To the Tea Party?


Washington, DC – National Republicans recently joined with the Tea Party and extreme right-wingers like Michele Bachmann (R-MN) to launch a Congressional “Tea Party Caucus.” Tea Party Republicans have advocated extreme policies that would take our country backward and are not what the American people want.  While Charlie Bass, Jennifer Horn & Robert Giuda vie for their Party’s nomination in New Hampshire’s 2nd district, will they embrace the Tea Party and pledge to join the Tea Party caucus if elected? And if not, why?

Please see below for a statement from DNC Regional Press Secretary, Michael Czin:

“As the Tea Party movement takes over the Republican Party, it’s important that Charlie Bass, Jennifer Horn & Robert Giuda’s potential constituents know if they would vote with the Tea Party if elected. The question is simple – if elected, would Mahoney, Guinta, Ashooh & Bestani join the Tea Party caucus and if not, why?   

“With the nomination of Sharron Angle, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, to name a few, the constant advertising of the group by the right-wing media, the millions of dollars poured into the movement by right-wing leaders and the countless ultra conservative Members of Congress promoting their ideals, it’s clear that the Tea Party and the Republican Party are now one.  Do 2nd District’s Republicans Bass, Horn & Giuda support the Tea Party’s radical agenda to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Privatize Social Security, end Medicare as it presently exists, extend Bush tax breaks for the wealth and big oil and implement policies to take us back to the same failed economic policies that caused the crisis, created record deficits and led to the loss of 8 million jobs? The residents of New Hampshire’2nd District deserve to know – are the Republicans running to represent them Tea Party-Republicans? If they’re not, they should stand up to the Tea Party Republican bosses and disavow their radical agenda.”

Last week the DNC launched the “Republican Tea Party Contract On America,” a new Democratic Party strategy to highlight the real Republican agenda for America, to show how Republicans would move America backward and to lay out a clear choice for voters come November.  Republican Incumbents and those running for House seats are being asked not only to say if they would join the Tea Party Caucus in the House, a group that enjoys the support of Republican leaders like Pete Sessions of Texas and Mike Pence of Indiana, but to say what if any of the positions enumerated on the Republican Tea Party Contract on America they disagree with.  While Republican leaders have struggled for two years to develop their agenda for the upcoming elections, The Republican Tea Party Contract on America was developed by the DNC by simply making a list of the items that Republican leaders, their candidates and their Tea Party allies have said they intend to do if they regain control of Congress. 

Throughout the month of August, concerned citizens will be asked to confront Republican incumbents and candidates for the House at events and through online tools like Twitter and Facebook, asking them to state definitively if they plan to join the House Tea Party Caucus and whether or not they agree with the Tea Party’s extreme positions.  

The DNC’s Republican Tea Party Contract On America:

1. Repeal the Affordable Care Act (Health Insurance Reform)

2. Privatize Social Security or phase it out altogether

3. End Medicare as it presently exists

4. Extend the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy and big oil

5. Repeal Wall Street Reform

6. Protect those responsible for the oil spill and future environmental catastrophes

7. Abolish the Department of Education

8. Abolish the Department of Energy

9. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency

10. Repeal the 17th Amendment

Visit www.republicanteapartycontract.com/America.com for more information on the “Tea Party Contract On America.”