Foster's Daily Democrat Editorial: Jim Bender understands that "creating real, lasting jobs is the only medicine that will cure."

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Foster's Daily Democrat Editorial

Job #1 is job creation

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before Jim Bender's arrival in Dover for an editorial board meeting at Foster's Daily Democrat on Tuesday, the GOP primary candidate for U.S. Senate spent time in Hampton with a small-business owner. Topics included not only jobs, but how to just stay in business.

It is an understatement to say that business owners — especially those of small businesses — don't know whether they are on foot or horseback when it comes to planning for the future. That's assuming they even have a future.

Nationwide it is estimated big business is sitting on $1 trillion of cash because of the same uncertainty that faces small businesses such as Hampton Concrete and its owner Lisa Brown Kucharski.

Kucharski isn't so lucky. She told Bender she has had to use her savings in order to keep the business afloat during the recession. She is not alone; her story is not unique.

During the editorial board that followed his stop at Hampton Concrete, Bender emphasized and re-emphasized his commitment to job creation and his ability to deliver.

Whether Bender is the one to carry the jobs' banner into the fall election for the Republican Party will be determined on Sept. 14. Regardless of Bender's success, jobs needs to be message number one.

But what about the deficit? Isn't that as important? Isn't that what voters are screaming about as well?

The answer to all these questions is yes. But understand that from job growth comes tax revenue and the ability to attack the debt and deficit head on.

Any candidate — incumbent or challenger — who doesn't understand this should be embarrassed to be out on the campaign trail. But some don't get it.

Several current members of New Hampshire's congressional delegation flood this newspaper weekly with press releases touting all the pork they are bringing back to New Hampshire. Some of it they even claim will save jobs.

Again, they miss the point. Taking money out of the pockets of New Hampshire taxpayers, sending it to Washington, then returning only part of it to Concord — minus bureaucratic overhead — isn't saving jobs. And it certainly is not creating jobs.

As for the stimulus ... Sure it saved a few jobs and perhaps created some. But at what price? Near federal bankruptcy?

It's like applying a tourniquet to a bleeding limb. Turn it too tight and you kill the arm or leg and have to amputate.

Bender and most other Republicans seeking U.S. Senate and House seats understand that creating real, lasting jobs is the only medicine that will cure.

Remove the uncertainty of energy prices created by the cap-and-trade debate. Pull back on ObamaCare so that businesses and individuals can get a true picture of future costs. Cut bureaucratic overregulation of businesses (not safety). Scale back or eliminate capital gains taxes in order to spur investment in equipment and jobs.

In other words: Listen to those whose job it is to create jobs — small business owners like Lisa Brown Kucharski.