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Gordon Duff
Why Our Government Wants Open Borders
Empty Talk on Immigration Reform and Border Control
Who wants America flooded with illegal aliens?  Who wants our prisons full, our schools overcrowded and our hospital waiting rooms loaded with freeloaders?  The answer is obvious.  Call them what you will, conservatives, "the rich and powerful" or "big business," our open border problem is a huge moneymaker for our real "freeloaders," those who receive government largess and pay no taxes at all, America's rich and infamous.

EXXON corporation didn't pay a cent of taxes last year.  Few corporations pay anything and most Americans who make over $5 million a year pay a smaller percentage of income tax than a food stamp recipient.  Millions of Americans moved "offshore" years ago, like Halliburton did.  Paying the bill for illegal aliens falls on the middle class, folks who don't have "nannies" or gardeners or pool boys.  Who is really raking it in?.

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