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Robert O'Dowd
El Toro's
Marine Veterans of former MCAS El Toro Exposed to Toxic Chemicals.  None were Notified and Most Unable to "Connect the Dots of Serious Illness" to Military Service.
I don't believe in ghosts. If I ran into one or two, maybe I'd change my mind.  The stories of lights in the former Marine Corps Air Stations El Toro's control tower when the power was cut off in July 1999 may be just someone's wild imagination or I guess if you believe in paranormal activity, maybe the ghosts of Marines who served on the base and returned to haunt the place.  No question there's good reasons for haunting the old base. At night, the former base takes on the appearance of a ghost town.  With the power to buildings cut off and hundreds of dilapidated buildings still standing, moonlight can play tricks on your mind.  Shadows move or seem to move and it doesn't take too long before normally rational  people see things that are not there.

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