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Hi-Tech history to be made in Hollis, NH
Problem-solver Jack saves the day! 

History will be made in New Hampshire tomorrow evening with a live, coast-to-coast video link up between the town of Hollis and Los Angeles, California.


The event is designed to celebrate the Constitution of the United States with particular emphasis on the 10th Amendment - and America's top 'Tenther' Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center will address a special meeting taking place in Larwrence Bar, Hollis starting at 6.30 p (Eastern time - 3.30p Western).


Michael will also be interviewed live and take questions from the floor.

The event has been arranged through NH Gov. candidate Jack Kimball who believes that the 10th Amendment is arguably the most important within the Constitution.


But the event nearly didn't happen when due to unforseen circumstances, Michael who was hoping to be there in person, had to pull out!


But, determined not to disappoint those who had already booked their places, Jack stepped in to save the day.


He explained: "Michael was still free at the agreed time but just couldn't be here. So we decided to go hi-tech. After all, every problem has a solution. You just have to find it.


"Everyone who knows me understands that I am passionate about upholding the entire Constitution. But it has never been more important for States to stand their ground and face up to the gradual erosion of our State Sovereignty by the Federal Government. So we were determined to press on."


Michael Boldin has spoken at many events across America including several Tea Party rallies and was originally hoping to make his first visit to the home of the USA's first Primaries.


At the eleventh hour it became impossible for him to make the trip in person and so organisers decided on a live link-up.


"We have wanted to bring our message to New Hampshire for some time, but this is the first real chance we have had. This State has a special place in the country's political landscape and it's people have a fine reputation as keen Constitutionalists."


Since the Tenth Amendment Center was set up it has won national recognition for its work in encouraging individual States to remember their Sovereignty and to resist inappropriate interference from the Federal Government.


The FREE event runs from 6.30p- 9p and includes refreshments, musical entertainment and a patriotic fireworks display.


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