NRCC - One Week of Being Home and Shea-Porter Has Already Gone Into Hiding?

As the Dems’ “Run for Cover Summer” Unravels, Carol Shea-Porter Refuses to Hold Town Halls with Her Constituents

Washington- One week into August and it is clear that Carol Shea-Porter has dedicated the recess period to avoiding the public at every possible turn. Instead of engaging with her constituents face-to-face and owning up to the unpopular, job-killing policies of the Obama-Pelosi agenda, Shea-Porter has decided to simply ignore the New Hampshire families who put her in elected office.  

“After 18 months of ignoring her constituents and maintaining her unflinching support for the Democrats’ failed agenda, Carol Shea-Porter has plenty of reason to hide this recess,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Unfortunately for Shea-Porter, laying low isn’t part of her job description. With the elections less than 100 days away, will Carol Shea-Porter attempt to own up to her partisan voting record and engage her constituents face-to-face this August, or will she cowardly go into hiding and avoid talking about her party’s reckless agenda?”

Is Shea-Porter going into hiding in order to avoid the disastrous town hall meetings that made last year’s August recess period so memorable?

“A year ago, in August 2009, Democrats returned home to their districts and probably started to lose control of Washington.

“Overheated, confrontational town hall meetings, as seen in grainy cell phone videos on YouTube, dominated news coverage, gave public voice to the tea party movement and drove moderate Republicans from the health reform debate.”

“As lawmakers head home for the summer this year, it's not the fate of the health care bill that is at stake for Democrats, it is their majority in Congress.” (Z. Byron Wolf, “Meet the People: Lawmakers Head Home and Prepare for the 2010 Campaign Season,” ABC News, 08/03/2010)

By avoiding confrontation with her constituents at all costs, Shea-Porter has shown an utter lack of respect for New Hampshire families. As the Democrats’ so-called ‘Recovery Summer’ continues to fall apart at the seams, voters across the country are left asking: “Where are the Dems?”

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