VT Len Britton’s “Better Bail Faster, Billy” ad hits 25,000 views and continues to earn national recognition

Rutland, VT - Last week, Len Britton released his second ad “Better Bail Faster, Billy.”  Though the national deficit is a serious issue, "Billy" takes a humorous approach that has viewers laughing out loud.  The ad highlights two kids trying to bail out “The Ship of State” which has been overrun with water.  As the kids try to bail water from the boat, government agents decide to add more water from buckets labeled "stimulus" and "pork."

Though the video has received little attention from the Vermont press, it has been making waves nationally.  As of August 8, 2010 – over 25,000 people have viewed “Better Bail Faster, Billy.”  The ad has also been featured on CBS Political Hotsheet, National Review Online, Red State, and Fred Thompson's website. 

Ed Morrisey of the Hot Air blog says that the ad “offers one of the most concise and visual explanations of debt and its impact on future generations you'll ever see.” 

“Better Bail Faster, Billy” is a follow-up to “Better Get a Paper Route, Billy,” which has over 38,000 YouTube views and aired on WCAX for three days in June.  Britton's two campaign ads have over 70,000 YouTube views, far surpassing the total of number of views of all Vermont candidates' ads combined.