AFP - A Weekend to Remember with Glenn Beck and AFP


Michele Bachmann had finished her speech to our 2,500-plus activists on Friday night at AFP Foundation's 4th annual Defending the American Dream Summit.  The crowd was still roaring. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES AND FOOTAGE

A man in his 30s walked over to me, shook my hand and said "Tim, I took off 2 days from work, and rode one of the buses up from south Florida to attend this summit and the Glenn Beck rally tomorrow.  We're hurting financially but my wife and I wanted to show our children that sometimes you sacrifice for a bigger cause."

On Saturday, I spoke to 3 ladies (two of them grandmothers) who had ridden a bus from El Paso, Texas to be at the Beck rally and one of them told me, "It's the least I can do for a country that's given me everything."

Throughout our Summit on Friday and then again on Saturday morning for Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" event I heard similar stories including a family of 5 from Michigan who told me this was their "best get out of school field trip ever!"

President Obama can keep up his dishonest attacks on us -- saying we're front groups for "foreign corporations" is the oddest of all -- but we know the truth.  We know our movement is made up of millions of Americans from all walks of life united by a message of limited government, less spending, lower taxes, and more individual freedom.  We also know that our ideas are winning with the American people.

A couple of our young staffers came up with a t-shirt that resonated with so many folks at our Summit and at the Beck event:


CLICK HERE TO SEE this t-shirt and to get one of your own.

Know this though, the attacks from the Left are going to continue to be numerous and venomous.  On the day of our Summit, the liberal head of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee weighed in saying, "Americans for Prosperity is not interested in Americans' prosperity."

They're losing on the issues.  So, they resort to negative, personal attacks that seek to denigrate and demagogue their opponents.  It's sad but true.  

Already, the Left is filing frivolous complaints against our television ads -- CLICK HERE TO SEE THESE ADS. They want to silence our message by intimidating us.  

You can help keep those ads on the air – even with a contribution of just $20.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE SO MORE AND MORE AMERICANS HEAR OUR MESSAGE.

Trust me on this, their intimidation tactics are not going to work.  Americans for Prosperity is going to keep fighting. We'll follow every rule and every regulation and WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING for our economic freedoms.  

Thanks for all you are doing.  Much lies ahead.

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