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Mike Leon
VA Publishes Final Regulation to Aid Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange Tuesday

The final regulation follows Shinseki's determination to expand the list of conditions for which service connection for Vietnam Veterans is presumed. VA is adding Parkinson's disease and Ischemic heart disease and expanding chronic Lymphocytic leukemia to include all chronic B cell Leukemias, such as hairy cell Leukemia.
In a victory  for VA Secretary Shinseki, President Obama and veterans' advocates for Agent Orange victims, the new Agent Orange Illnesses' Final Rules will be published Tuesday in the Federal Registry.  Sen. James Webb (D-VA) will hold a September 2010 Veterans Affairs Hearing [on Disability Compensation:  Presumptive Agent Orange Disability Decision-Making], presumably to apologize to a skeptical veterans community about  Webb's attempt to delay the implementation of the new rules and the expanded list of illnesses presumed to be caused by Agent Orange and other herbicides.
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