Jennifer Horn: It's time to get Americans Back to Work

It is time to put America back to work.  We need a jobs recovery. 

My plan will jumpstart the economy, put more money in the hands of individuals and create jobs.

  1. Cut the Size of the Federal Government
  2. Put more money in people’s pockets
  3. Create an environment that allows small business to grow
  4. New Jobs for a New Century   

Jennifer Horn: It's Time to Get Americans Back to Work
Creates website outlining blueprint for Jobs 

NASHUA - Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, announced her new jobs website,

"Across New Hampshire, families have been forced to tighten their belts as more and more Granite Staters are unemployed or underemployed. 

The response in Washington to this growing epidemic of unemployment has been astronomically ineffective. The President and Congress continue to ignore the devastating consequences of their policies like a "jobs summit", a $787 billion dollar stimulus and countless bailouts. 
A jobless recovery is no recovery at all. When business owners who have worked for years to grow successful enterprises are forced to shut down, and parents cannot put gas in the tank or food on the table, talks of an economic recovery ring hollow.
More expensive big-government, taxpayer-funded programs are not the answer. Jobs are created on Main Street, not in Washington. It is the entrepreneurial spirit of small-business owners and the innovation of the individual that leads to new job growth in America.

Today I am launching "Jen Means Jobs" dedicated to getting Americans Back to work."