NHDP - Charlie Bass Attacks Americans with Disabilities, Continues to Lie about His Own Record

Concord - Charlie Bass continued to ignore his own record of fiscal irresponsibility and enormous spending increases as a former member of Congress during an interview this weekend with the Union Leader.  Bass charged that thousands of Americans receiving Social Security disability checks are collecting simply because they had "lost the will to work."

"Charlie Bass's habit of ignoring his own votes to explode the federal deficit is nothing new," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "But attacking people collecting disability in order to distract voters from his votes to pay for budget busting tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and tax breaks for oil companies with history making deficit spending is outrageous."

To qualify for disability assistance through Social Security, a person must have a "severe" condition that "interferes with basic work related activities."  The Social Security program's strict definition of disability also requires that a person be out of work because of their disability "for at least one year" or that their condition will "result in death." (ssa.gov; ssa.gov/dibplan)

"Does Charlie Bass really think slashing Social Security disability payments is a responsible way to make up for his numerous votes for increased spending?" asked Kirstein.  "How can he seriously advocate extending the deficit exploding Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans while slashing this essential funding?"

During Bass's six terms in office, the federal deficit nearly doubled, as he voted to expand it by almost four-trillion dollars. (treasurydirect.gov)   And an extension of the Bush tax cuts benefiting the richest 2% of Americans that Bass voted for would cost tax payers more than 675 billion dollars.  (Citizens for Tax Justice)

During the interview, Bass also called for repeal of the landmark health care reform bill passed earlier this year.  But according to the latest Congress Budget Office estimate on the impact of the law, which was requested by a Republican member of Congress, repealing it would increase the federal deficit by half a trillion dollars. (cbo.gov)

"Bass's tired rhetoric on federal spending is just as unrealistic as his claims to have controlled federal spending," added Kirstein. "Refusing to take responsibility for his actions, while simultaneously trying to shift blame onto people collecting Social Security disability, is absolutely shameful behavior for a former six term member of Congress."