- Weather forecasting for Venus funded by federal stimulus

Weather forecasting for Venus funded by federal stimulus -- as well as a survey on your feelings about the stimulus

Our friends at Texas Watchdog just released an article that we think you would be interested in. Texas Watchdog is reporting that a researcher in Texas is studying weather on Venus with a tax-payer funded stimulus grant. His grant says the work will further understanding of weather on Earth, but the project doesn't create jobs, Sen. Tom Coburn's office says.

Like most of the thousands of scientists doing research with taxpayer-funded federal grants every year, Mark Bullock and Rick Wilson toiled in anonymity.
Bullock, a planetary physics manager with the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio and Wilson, a political science professor at Rice University in Houston, had secured two of the more than 4,500 grants made from a new funding source by the National Science Foundation. The sum of the grants is $492,499.

Bullock and Wilson worked for more than a year without a single call from a reporter interested in or even aware of their research. Bullock was in the midst of studying weather patterns on the planet Venus. Wilson was gathering surveys that asked people how they felt about the $862 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the same stimulus pool that was funding Bullock and Wilson's research.

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