Bender for Senate - Jim Bender clear winner in Republican US Senate debate tonight

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

"Jim for Jobs" clear winner of Republican debate for U.S. Senate

“We've got to grab the credit card from our Congress and cut it up!”

Hollis, NH - Businessman Jim Bender was the clear victor in tonight's Republican debate for the U.S. Senate.  Jim proved he is the one candidate voters can trust to bring common sense, integrity, and good judgment to Washington. He also proved he is the one candidate voters can trust to defeat Democrat Paul Hodes and his liberal, tax-and-spend, job-killing policies.

Bender's “Jim for Jobs” plan prevailed. “We've got to create jobs for New Hampshire and America. My campaign slogan is 'Jim for Jobs'. The way we have to do it is: rein in the government. We've got to rein in government spending, we've got to regulate with a much lighter hand, and we've got to eliminate the climate of uncertainty that prevents businesses from investing in new employees."

Jim condemned the federal government's out-of-control spending for killing jobs. “We first have to acknowledge that our federal government has a spending problem. We've got to grab the credit card from our Congress and cut it up.”

Jim made clear why his “Jim for Jobs” plan is necessary. “We have too many people here in New Hampshire who are unemployed... The [federal] budget continues to climb and grow out of control...”

Jim also highlighted the problem of illegal immigration. “I believe that we should secure our borders tight and solid... A nation which cannot protect its border cannot protect its sovereignty... The number one responsibility of the American government is to protect Americans. Sealing our borders would be an awfully good start.”

Jim Bender is a focused and undamaged candidate for the Republican nomination.  He has abstained from the mudslinging and negative campaign tactics, and this allows Jim to be the one candidate who will unite Republicans and Independents to defeat Paul Hodes in November. 

Campaign Manager Beth Lindstrom said, “We have a chance at regaining a Republican majority in the US Senate to put a check on the Obama administration.  Let’s not waste this opportunity.  Jim is staying focused on the issues that matter, namely: jobs for New Hampshire.  Bickering and in-fighting are not what the Granite State needs right now.  We need a businessman with integrity.  Jim Bender offers that to the voters.”

Jim Bender gave the voters a clear choice for Tuesday September 14th: Vote “Jim for Jobs” to defeat Paul Hodes and get Washington under control.