Bender for Senate - "Real People, Real Words, Real Jobs" series that speaks to Jim Bender's character

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Jim for Jobs
Bender Campaign Launches “Real People, Real Words, Real Jobs” series featuring former employees of Jim Bender


Hollis, NH- Today, the Jim Bender campaign released the first in a series of extended commercials by former employees speaking about Jim Bender. 

This commercial features Jennifer Tyrrell.

“Jim is very good at keeping an eye on the budget; he is very good at building consensus.”

“Jim is extremely honest. “

“Jim is a straight shooter.  There are a lot of people that talk about something but they never deliver.  Jim will not only talk about ideas that he has, he will also come up with a solution.”

“If Jim becomes Senator for the state of New Hampshire, he will represent the views of the people of New Hampshire even when he does go to D. C.  I truly believe that he will listen to those people’s views and represent them accurately.  We need people like Jim who have strong morals and sound ethics.”

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