Bender for Senate - The Voters Speak on Last Night’s U.S. Senate Debate and the Verdict is: Jim Bender By a Mile

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Jim Bender and daughters Jackie and Lauren approve of Dad's performance after the debate.


Hollis, NH- The Bender for Senate campaign has been inundated with positive emails and calls of support after Jim Bender’s performance in the WMUR Debate last night.

“Hi, You did a nice job tonight.  I was called by a "market researcher" last night, where I told them you were my the very end of the call, they told me "paid for by Kelly".....I told them "sorry Kelly".....Good luck next week, you have my vote.”

 “I believe that you answered every issue right on the money.  You are well spoken and most importantly, you are “approachable.”  In other words, I feel that should you be elected as the Senator for our state, and were I to visit Washington, that I could stop in and visit with you.  Why is that important to me?  Because those currently in our congress, including some Republicans, assume a position above those they “rule” as opposed to representing those they “serve.” Good luck and I hope to pay you a visit in Washington!”

“I had listened to you on WGIR some time ago and was interested in your standing, however believed "Ovide" had my vote.  After listening to you on the WMUR debate....I can say you've won me over, hands down.  A straight, honest answer to a question... with no sugar coating bs.  We certainly need more candidates of similar stature on a local and national level, or I feel we're in big trouble.  I wish you luck in the upcoming election.”

"I think Bender is blowing away the other candidates in the debate.  He has my vote now."

"I have to be honest, we were leaning toward Kelly Ayotte and we liked her.  But watching that debate, Jim blew us away and we're both switching our votes."

"I thought his commentary on the immigration issue was right on."

“After the debates last night there's no question in my mind; ‘Jim for Jobs!’”

“I was a Kelly supporter and I was wavering but after Jim’s performance last night, I have switched over.  Jim did very well and looked Senatorial.”