CHQ - The Tea Party ‘going to school’ to move from political rallies to taking power

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The Tea Party 'going to school' to move from political rallies to taking power
Yahoo News -- The Tea Party is 'getting smarter' about what it must do to become an even more potent political force. Tea Partiers are attending training sessions by organizations such as The Leadership Institute, Americans for Prosperity and American Majority. Moving from town hall protests and rallies in Washington to gaining footholds in city councils, state assemblies and beyond, many Tea Partiers may be new to political activism, but they are redoubling their efforts by learning from small government, constitutional grassroots experts.

Pat Buchanan:  McCain's victory proves voters want conservatives, not "mavericks"
American Conservative - Pat Buchanan analyzes Sen. John McCain's recent victory in the Arizona GOP primary, and joins Richard Viguerie in saying that if McCain had only conducted his presidential campaign like his Arizona Senate campaign over the past several months, he'd be president today. Buchanan says the lesson to be learned from McCain's and other elections in 2010 is that Americans want principled leadership on all conservative issues - and those politicians who don't get the message will simply not be around much longer.

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Colorado's Ken Buck proves talking about issues in terms of the Founders' vision is no longer 'extremism' -- American Spectator

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