CHQ - Urgent: help Ovide Lamontagne, the only proven true conservative in NH Senate race

Dear Fellow Conservative,

The GOP Senate primary in New Hampshire is next Tuesday, September 14.  The Union Ledger of New Hampshire wrote
, "[Ovide Lamontagne is] drawing attention in part because he's the only proven, true-blue conservative in the race."

You can play an important role in determining the winner of the important September 14 Republican Primary for U.S. Senator between conservative Ovide Lamontagne, who trails moderate, establishment-back Republican Kelly Ayotte, but is ahead of two other candidates.

There are big differences between Ovide and the other candidates.

Please take a moment and read the excellent article, Ovide Lamontagne Rising in New Hampshire
by Erick Erickson in at which lists where Ovide and Kelly Ayotte stand on judicial nominees, the Stimulus Bill, earmarks, abortion, private property rights, gun control, the Cap and Trade Bill, illegal immigration, health care, and political backgrounds.

When you see what is at stake, I'm sure you will want to do whatever you can to help Ovide win this primary.

In the Alaska GOP Senate primary, few gave Joe Miller a chance, but he won with a wave of last-minute support from conservative activists.  With your help, Ovide can do the same.

Please, if you can contribute to Ovide, go to his campaign website:

And, if you happen to live in New Hampshire, your volunteer efforts between now and Election Day in your neighborhood and in your workplace will be extremely helpful.

However, whether you live in New Hampshire or not, you can help by forwarding this message to your organization's members and supporters, and to relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other acquaintances.  Forward this message to them.  Follow up with a phone call to talk to them about this race.

The primary is this coming Tuesday, September 14, so there's not much time. 

We want to be sure to do all we can to get Ovide Lamontagne nominated and elected so that he can cast the conservative votes in the U.S. Senate that will affect all of us, regardless of where we live .

New Hampshire is a state in which conservative candidates can and should win, especially in this crucial election.

Thanks for taking immediate action on this crucial matter.


Richard A. Viguerie

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