Horn For Congress - Fireworks at GOP NH CD-2 debate

Last night we had a great debate sponsored by WMUR-TV and the New Hampshire Union Leader.  If you have not watched it, I encourage to do so.

Click Here to Watch Clips From the Debate

There is a clear difference between Charlie Bass and myself.  Charlie Bass is trying to re-write history.  He says that he is "proud of his voting record."   But it was his voting record that got him fired from Congress in 2006.  The FACTS could not be clearer:  Charlie Bass is a big-spending, anti-drilling, cap and trade Republican.  That is not a record he should be proud of. 

I believe that government has become too big, too intrusive, and too expensive.  I believe that the founders wrote the constitution not to limit our freedoms, but to limit our government.

I believe that I offered that contrast at the debate last night.  There are just a few days left until Primary Day on September 14th and I need your help.   Your contribution of $250, $100, $75 or $50 will help fund our Get Out The Vote efforts and send a loud, clear message to the reign of career politicians and Washington insiders is coming to an end!

Here are some of the stories from around the district:

The Union Leader, in their article titled "2nd District candidates duke it out at debates," wrote:

Jennifer Horn began the heated debate by asking former congressman Charlie Bass why he had supported the TARP bill in 2008, and changed his positions on oil drilling and government spending.

Bass said Horn's claims were untrue, and questioned Horn's own lack of a voting record.

The Union Leader also wrote:

At one point, Horn continued to hint that Bass had changed many of his positions, even recalling Bass' endorsement of her when she ran for Congress in 2008.

"Just two short years ago when he endorsed me for this seat, he said I had the experience, the knowledge, and the spine to do this job," Horn said. "It was right then and it still is today."

Horn launched a final shot at Bass by urging voters to make a change and send a new representative to Washington.

"Mr. Bass first ran for this seat for the first time 30 years ago. It is time to move our nation forward again," Horn said. "We cannot continue to send the same kind of people to Washington if we want something different to come out."

The Nashua Telegraph, in their article "5 debaters pushing for 1 House seat," wrote:

Horn, a Nashua resident, ex-radio talk show host and former Telegraph columnist, called Bass a Washington insider and criticized his budget votes last decade that led to the current deficit. Bass held the 2nd District seat for six terms before being defeated by Hodes, a Democrat, in 2008.

Horn said Bass endorsed her when she was the Republican nominee in 2008 for the 2nd District seat. Bass then had claimed Horn had the "knowledge, experience and spine for the job," and that is still true, she said.

The Concord Monitor, in their story "Economy at center of Republican debate," wrote:

But sharper exchanges emerged as Horn, a former columnist and radio host who ran for the seat in 2008, questioned Bass's record in his six terms in Congress and tried to define herself as a fresh, conservative alternative in Tuesday's primary.

"We have a choice to make in this election, and it is a clear choice," Horn said. "We have a candidate who has built his campaign on his 30 years inside politics, his 12 years in Washington, and a candidate who brings a very different kind of experience to the table."

They also wrote:

"This economy is hurting the people in this district . . . and the biggest problem with all of this is a government that is too big and too expensive," Horn said.

Please share this with your friends and family.  I believe that when they see the differences between the two candidates, the choice will be clear.

Thank you for your support


There is much riding on result of 2nd District GOP primary


The 2nd District race will be won by either former U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass or Nashua's own Jennifer Horn. There are other, vanity candidates on the ballot who will tell their grandchildren: "I ran for Congress once."

Charlie Bass helped build the problems listed above. Jennifer Horn will join the freshmen coalition dedicated to forcing change.

I hope that many fellow "undeclared" voters will join me and ask for a Republican ballot to vote for Jennifer Horn. Conservative Republicans will do the same. The agents of change will be voting for Jennifer, while the more-of-the-same crowd votes for Charlie.

Charlie claims that he has changed since losing the seat in 2006. That seems a bit fishy. Use John's Politicians Rule #1: Watch what they do, ignore what they say.

Charlie is claiming he knows how to stop out-of-control, congressional spending. That is like an alcoholic advising others on how to control drinking. He might know how to do it but is unable to control himself.

Jennifer Horn does not need to change. Her conservative credentials are well established and unquestioned.