SEIA - Solar Industry Welcomes Pres. Carter’ s Solar Panel Back to Nation’s Capital


Urges President Obama to put solar back on the White House

WASHINGTON, DC – Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) President and CEO Rhone Resch today released the following statement on the return of one of the solar panels that was installed on the White House by President Carter in 1979 and removed by President Reagan in 1986:
“We’re thrilled to have this solar water heating panel back in the nation’s Capital. When it was dedicated, President Carter warned that in a generation it could become ‘a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of a road not taken.’ Instead, this panel is an inspiration, a symbol of American ingenuity and an example of the road we must take to create jobs and build a strong clean energy economy.
“Now that the solar panel is back in Washington, we hope it encourages President Obama to install new solar panels on the White House roof again. From personal experience on my own home, I can assure President Obama and the First Lady that solar panels work very well in Washington, D.C., and are a great example for their daughters and their friends. They would be a great addition to the people’s house.”