Bass For Congress - The Nashua Telegraph Endorses Charlie and More News!


Dear Supporter,

BIG NEWS - The Nashua Telegraph has endorsed Charlie and the Bass for Congress campaign in the 2nd District Republican Primary! This is the second major newspaper to pick Charlie as the best candidate for New Hampshire Republicans to nominate for November's General Election.

Here are some of the things that the Nashua Telegraph's Editorial Board said about Charlie on Thursday, September 9:

"This time, we are supporting Bass in his bid to secure his party’s nomination for the 2nd Congressional District seat..."

"At a time when polls show that six out of every 10 Americans believe Congress will become even more partisan next year – now there’s a comforting thought – we believe Republicans would be wise to nominate someone who has demonstrated he can act independently during his six terms in Congress."

"As such, the Peterborough Republican earns our endorsement over Horn, the former Nashua radio talk-show host and Telegraph columnist; Robert Giuda, a commercial airline pilot and former state lawmaker from Warren;"

"During his meeting with our editorial board, Bass said that, if elected, he would focus on reducing the deficit and promoting renewable energy, certainly two worthwhile priorities."

"We believe Republicans should give the proven vote-getter serious consideration when they go the polls Tuesday."

This editorial, along with the National Rifle Associations and the United States Chamber of Commerce shows that our campaign clearly has momentum going into Tuesday's primary, and it is because of the hard work of supporters like you that Charlie will be the party's next nominee for Congress in the 2nd District.

If you have any time to spare over the weekend, we would appreciate your help making phone calls or knocking on doors in multiple locations. Please contact the campaign by calling (603) 226-6000 or via email at and a member of the staff will provide you details.

Dave Kanevsky
Campaign Manager
Bass for Congress

P.S.: Please join us at our victory party on Tuesday night in Concord- Details to Come! _____________________________________

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