CHQ - A Tribute to the ‘Defining’ Conservative Sharon Statement: Celebrating 50 Years of Advancing Liberty

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A Tribute to the 'Defining' Conservative Sharon Statement: Celebrating 50 Years of Advancing Liberty
American Spectator - Quin Hillyer discusses an important anniversary in the conservative movement that will be commemorated and celebrated this weekend in Washington, namely the 50th anniversary of the Sharon Statement and formation of Young Americans for Freedom. Hillyer provides the background of the Sharon meeting (which his father attended) at William F. Buckley's estate, and briefly lays out how YAF has served as one of the cornerstones of the modern conservative movement.

Did pro-life groups endorse the wrong candidate in the New Hampshire Republican primary?
American Thinker -- New Hampshire candidate for U.S. Senate Kelly Ayotte said she would have voted to confirm Sonya Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Key pro-life groups opposed Sotomayor, saying she would back abortion rights, but have thrown their support to Ayotte. Even 31 Republicans -- easily not the most pro-life, constitutionally conservative bunch we would want in the Senate -- voted against confirming Sotomayor.

How New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate Ovide Lamontagne won one more vote before next Tuesday's primary -- Union Leader

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New moniker for the neocons:  the "Stuff happens" Republicans -- The New American

Sarah Palin joins in the battle to take down the Castle in Delaware -- Hot Air
Senator Jim DeMint:  Washington doesn't deserve a raise -- Washington Times

The conservative film "I want your money" introduces younger audiences to Reagan -- CNS News

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