- Group Opposing Kelly Ayotte Files Election Complaint with NH Attorney General

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- “Citizens for Better Senate Choice,” a political action committee opposing the nomination of Kelly Ayotte for U.S. Senate, filed a formal complaint Friday afternoon with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office regarding the Ayotte campaign’s connection with illegal sign-tampering outside the Sept. 8 debate at Saint Anselm College.  

In a free and legal exercise of their First Amendment right to free speech, Citizens for Better Senate Choice showed up along with other campaigns hours before the debate to put up signs around the facility.  Their signs carried the simple message “NOT!” and promoted the website  These signs were placed next to Ayotte’s campaign signs, with an arrow pointing in the direction of Ayotte sign.  (A photo showing the sign in use can be viewed at

The complaint alleges that “One gentleman in particular, while in the company of Kelly Ayotte supporters, casually removed every single Citizens for Better Senate Choice lawn sign he passed and then after doing so returned to an area of Kelly Ayotte supporters.”  A police officer was alerted to the fact that this illegal activity was occurring, and he is shown speaking with the Ayotte associate in a video available here:

Denis Goddard, Chairman of Citizens for Better Senate Choice, said his organization has the same right to plant signs as any other campaign.  “As informed citizens, we feel an obligation to tell voters about Ayotte’s record as attorney general, her associations with Washington insiders and lobbyists, and her flip-flops on the campaign trail,” he said.  “That won’t all fit on a yard sign,” he added, “so the purpose of the signs is to promote, where voters can get the full scoop on why Ayotte is a poor choice for US Senate.”

“In accordance with New Hampshire RSA-664:17, an Ayotte associate would be legally authorized to remove a ‘Kelly Ayotte’ sign from a location, but for one campaign’s associates to be pulling up another campaign’s signs is clearly against the law,” Goddard explained.  

Citizens for Better Senate Choice is a legally registered PAC in New Hampshire.  It is not affiliated with any other candidate or organization.