Bender for Senate - Binnie Falsely Attacks Bender

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Bender Campaign Responds to Binnie's False Attack Mailer

The Bill Binnie for US Senate campaign attacked the Jim Bender for US Senate campaign with a false and negative mailer this weekend.

Bender's Campaign Manager Beth Lindstrom said, "This is a false attack, and once again Mr. Binnie is grasping at straws in his final desperate hours before the primary on Tuesday.  His constant negative attacks have backfired and now he is turning his vitriol on Jim Bender."

"While on his Jim for Jobs tour, Jim has outlined his plan to create jobs.  Obviously Mr. Binnie has not been traveling across New Hampshire like Jim has, speaking to voters and small business owners.  If Mr. Binnie were on the road, conducting a positive grassroots campaign, he would have seen all around the state the Jim for Jobs signs written in plain English."

"Also, if Mr. Binnie had bothered to attend all of the debates and forums across the state, then he would have heard Jim’s plan for creating jobs which includes less government interference, lower taxes, and repealing Obamacare - all to enable businesses to have a more stable environment in which to grow and hire again.  I would also direct Mr. Binnie to our website  Jim’s plan is outlined there, also written in plain English."

"Binnie continues his scorched-earth strategy as he declines in the polls.  New Hampshire voters have already rejected that plan, as they will on Tuesday in the voting booth."