Horn For Congress - Please Vote for Jennifer Horn on Tuesday, September 14th

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is Primary day and I am asking for your vote.

As I have traveled across the 2nd District, I've met thousands of Granite Staters who feel as I do that we live in the greatest nation on earth.  The strength of a nation is measured not by her politicians, but by her people, and the American people are strong.

As your Congresswoman, I promise:
  1. Before every vote I will ask: is this Constitutional, is it right for New Hampshire, is it right for American?
  2. I will read the bill.
  3. I will listen to you.
  4. I will be a loud, principled voice for New Hampshire.
  5. I will not back down.
It is time to move our nation forward.  It is time to put an end to the reign of career politicians and Washington insiders and send new leadership and a new energy to represent us.

As a small business owner, radio talk show host and mother of 5 children, I understand how the failed policies of Washington hurt real people every day. Washington has become arrogant and disconnected. We can do better.

We must return to our founding principles:

-         Limited government
-         Limited spending
-         Personal responsibility

We must stand together now and preserve for our children and our children's children the America of unlimited opportunity that our parents passed down to us.

That is why I am running.  That is why I am asking for your vote.


Union Leader Primary Endorsements

U.S. House, 2nd District: Jennifer Horn. If any candidate can claim the Tea Party mantle this year, it is Jennifer Horn. She is a passionate advocate of conservative ideals. We would love to see her in Washington giving grief not only to the Obama administration, but also to her own party's leadership.

GOP contenders clash over experience
By Karen Langley
Concord Monitor, 09/12/2010

Charlie Bass, Jennifer Horn and Bob Giuda tangled over the value of experience and their commitment to reducing government spending in a final debate before 2nd District Republicans select their congressional nominee Tuesday.

Given a single chance to question an opponent, Giuda, a former state representative from Warren, asked Horn, the party's 2008 nominee, why she thought voters would be best served by a representative who has never held office.

"You claim that inexperience is an asset," Giuda told Horn. "We have inexperience in the White House."

Horn countered that career politicians are the problem in Washington. She said the country's founders did not intend for Congress to be the work of a lifetime.

"It's time for some new ideas, for some new energy," she said. "There is nothing about the legislative process that a reasonably intelligent person cannot learn."

Horn also used her question to talk about experience, but from a decidedly different angle. She asked Bass why his 12 years as a congressman would not give the Democratic nominee, Ann McLane Kuster or Katrina Swett, ammunition to sink his candidacy.

Horn pointed to "those 15,000 votes you talk about and all that experience that you talk about in Washington."

"We have two very strong Democratic candidates in this race who have made it clear, here last night and at their previous debates, that they can't wait to run against your record," she said.

Horn said the Republicans must nominate a candidate who can win in November.

There is much riding on result of 2nd District GOP primary


The 2nd District race will be won by either former U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass or Nashua's own Jennifer Horn. There are other, vanity candidates on the ballot who will tell their grandchildren: "I ran for Congress once."

Charlie Bass helped build the problems listed above. Jennifer Horn will join the freshmen coalition dedicated to forcing change.

I hope that many fellow "undeclared" voters will join me and ask for a Republican ballot to vote for Jennifer Horn. Conservative Republicans will do the same. The agents of change will be voting for Jennifer, while the more-of-the-same crowd votes for Charlie.

Charlie claims that he has changed since losing the seat in 2006. That seems a bit fishy. Use John's Politicians Rule #1: Watch what they do, ignore what they say.

Charlie is claiming he knows how to stop out-of-control, congressional spending. That is like an alcoholic advising others on how to control drinking. He might know how to do it but is unable to control himself.

Jennifer Horn does not need to change. Her conservative credentials are well established and unquestioned.

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Election Night Victory Party

Tuesday, Sept. 14

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