Jim Bender Hosts Wiener Roast at the Paul Hodes Campaign Office

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

This little PAC went to market, This little PAC stayed home, This little PAC cried,

 “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way to the Paul Hodes office

 Hollis, NH- In response to the Paul Hodes ad entitled “Hotdog,“ the Bender campaign held a wiener roast at the campaign office of Paul Hodes.  A porktacular time was had by all.

The Bender for Senate campaign released the following statement:

It is shocking that Paul Hodes has decided now after 4 years to swear off earmarks[i], in spite of his well-documented behavior in Washington, D.C. voting with Nancy Pelosi and the tax-and-spend crowd.

With the kind of return on investment that Paul Hodes gives to his campaign contributors, perhaps he should suspend his campaign and go to work in the private sector.  He starts with money from PACs, special interests, and government contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Suddenly, a campaign contribution of $2,000 becomes a taxpayer-funded earmark of $2,000,000 and more[ii].

This should make the voters of New Hampshire wonder what other candidates might try to do to reward their Washington patrons after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars of PAC money[iii]?

Of course, Representative Hodes knows this behavior is wrong.  He said so to the Concord Monitor last January when he called his earmarks “ethically tainted and fiscally irresponsible[iv].”  So far, Hodes’ Fiscal Year 2010 earmark spending adds up to over $50 million dollars.  That’s a fair sum of ethical taint and fiscal irresponsibility[v].

Don’t be fooled by this election-year conversion.  Paul Hodes has already spent 4 years in Congress sloshing slop at the “Washington Trough.”  In the House of Representatives, he’s personally cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in pork-barrel spending.  No amount of hotdogs or revisionist history can cover up this reckless record.  How much more of our money will he wastefully spend in the U.S. Senate?  Let’s never find out.  Join Jim for Jobs today!

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