Ovide for Senate - New Survey Shows Ovide for Senate Continues to Close the Gap on Ayotte

Manchester, N.H.—In a survey released late Sunday evening, new numbers from Public Policy Polling show Ovide for Senate surging and now within a seven point striking distance of the Ayotte for Senate campaign .

Additionally PPP cited numbers they will release later this week showing "Ayotte and Lamontagne performing basically the same against Paul Hodes," meaning that the Republican nominee - not just any one candidate - can and will defeat Paul Hodes in November.

"It is clear that there is dramatic momentum behind Ovide right now," said Ovide for Senate campaign manager, Will Wrobleski. "There have been several recent surveys showing Ovide steadily climbing to the top. In a matter of six weeks, we have managed to swing 39 points in a crowded primary race, sprinting past the other two self-funding candidates to become the closest contestant to the selection of the DC elites and establishment, Kelly Ayotte. It is testimony to our innumerable grassroots activists and volunteers out there working hard every day on behalf of the campaign. We will continue to work hard for every vote we need to ensure a win on Tuesday, supported by the energy and enthusiasm of the best grassroots ground game in the race. Ovide is the only conservative in this race and he is clearly the best choice to take on Paul Hodes in November."

September 3, 2010: Magellan Survey shows Ayotte 34, Ovide 21, a margin of 13
September 10, 2010: the polling company, inc. shows Ayotte 34, Ovide 24, a margin of 10
September 12, 2010: Public Policy Polling shows Ayotte 37, Ovide 30, a margin of 7