RLCNH releases voter guide to identify which candidates will promote common sense in Concord


Caucus releases voter guide to identify which candidates will promote common sense in Concord

CONCORD, N.H.―The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire today released its primary voter guide listing all 153 of its endorsed candidates, including 11 new additions, in an effort to influence the Granite State’s primary election on Tuesday. (Editors: The primary voter guide is attached as a PDF.)

In total, the Republican Liberty Caucus endorsed one executive councilor candidate, 10 state senator candidates and 142 state representative candidates who will work to restore the common-sense principles of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility and free enterprise in the New Hampshire Legislature. These candidates have also pledged to defend the New Hampshire and U.S. Constitutions.

“The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire knows that if voters elect these 153 candidates in Tuesday’s primary and then send them to Concord in November’s general election, the state’s government will be led by the most principled, thoughtful and committed group of citizens since the time of the state’s founding,” said Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “If these candidates are elected, there is a high likelihood that the rest of the country and the world will look to New Hampshire for the best example of how to build a strong, vibrant economy that ensures the most happiness for the most people from the bottom up.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire has worked hard during the last several months to promote its endorsed candidates. The caucus has delivered financial support, networking opportunities and prepared campaign materials for its endorsed candidates. The group has also encouraged a shared agenda called Common Sense for New Hampshire, which will build momentum in the Legislature for laws that promote jobs and economic opportunity, fix health care in New Hampshire and empower parents and local communities.

Two weeks ago, the caucus sent thousands of letters to voters in five key districts to reveal the seven incumbents with the least consistent Republican voting records in an effort to discourage their reelection. Last week, the caucus followed up those letters with thousands of postcards sent to the same households that supported the 142 RLCNH-endorsed candidates, who the group had on file at the time, in an effort to encourage their election. The five target districts are: Hillsborough 6 (Amherst, Milford), Hillsborough 18 (Bedford), Rockingham 1 (Nottingham, Deerfield, Candia, Northwood), Rockingham 4 (Windham, Salem) and Rockingham 5 (Derry).

Today, by releasing its voter guide, the RLCNH is hoping to remind voters which candidates will provide them with the best representation and the best chance of reclaiming the New Hampshire Advantage in the next biennium.

“We would appreciate it if voters strongly considered voting only for the candidates endorsed by RLCNH to ensure they win their elections,” Hemingway said. “Bullet voting is the best statistical method for supporting ideal individual candidates.”

Finally, to ensure that the latest 11 endorsed candidates receive recognition for their adherence to the principles that made this state and nation great, the RLCNH here releases its final pre-primary list of newly endorsed candidates:

Round Four Candidate Endorsements

State Senator Candidates

State Representative Candidates

Tom DeBlois, Senate District 18 (Manchester)

Peter T. Hansen, Hillsborough 6 (Amherst)

Fenton Groen, Senate District 6 (Rochester)

Ken Hawkins, Hillsborough 18 (Bedford)


Robert Kingsbury, Belknap 4 (Laconia)

State Representative Candidates

Edward P. Moran, Hillsborough 18 (Bedford)

Anne Copp, Merrimack 1 (Danbury)

Mark J. Samsel, Rockingham 4 (Windham)

Romeo Danais, Rockingham 1 (Nottingham)

Bob Willette, Hillsborough 6 (Milford)

Joseph W. Fleck, Carroll 5 (Wakefield)