CHQ - Alert! Make your last-minute push to help Ovide in NH

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Alert! Make your last-minute push to help Ovide in NH and Christine in DE for today's primary   -- Whether you live in either of these two states or not, you can help by forwarding this message by email to, or calling, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other acquaintances in New Hampshire and Delaware. Polls show Christine O'Donnell now leading RINO Mike Castle. Please, if you can contribute to Christine, go to her campaign website:   Polls show Ovide Lamontagne in a dead heat with establishment-backed Kelly Ayotte. Ovide will provide proven, true conservative leadership. If you can contribute to Ovide, go to his website:  Take action now before the polls close. Being such small states, your emails and efforts can make a difference.

Win or lose today, Christine O'Donnell's no gold digger at the public trough
American Thinker (blog) - Mark Fitzgibbons counters the criticism being generated by the GOP establishment over Christine O'Donnell's supposed personal finance flaws, arguing (tongue-in-cheek) that if only O'Donnell had been elected to office before the rise of the Tea Parties, she could've used her position to take care of her money woes like so many other politicians (including our President, and her opponent, RINO Rep. Mike Castle). Especially compared to many already in Congress, O'Donnell looks like the picture of sanity, honesty and integrity. Maybe her biggest 'sin' is she'll be a reliable constitutional conservative vote.

Michelle Malkin:  Nine terms are more than enough for Delaware's RINO Mike Castle - Michelle Malkin sets the record straight on the Delaware GOP U.S. Senate primary race where she's endorsing the true conservative in the contest (Christine O'Donnell), and provided several compelling arguments why RINO Mike Castle (lifetime ACU rating 52.49%) should be defeated.  Malkin admits that O'Donnell has issues, but nevertheless looks promising when you closely examine his record.

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