CHQ Endorses Ovide Lamontagne in NH Senate Primary on September 14

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CHQ endorses Christine O'Donnell in Delaware Senate primary on September 14 -- CHQ writes that Christine O'Donnell will be a reliable constitutional conservative vote in the U.S. Senate, while her opponent, 'ruling-class' lifelong politician and RINO Mike Castle is part of the Republican wing that gave us President Obama and Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress, where oddball -- let's be frank -- just plain weird and whacky Democrats are the darlings of the liberal establishment.

Why the 'Ruling Class' is terrified of Delaware's Christine O'Donnell
American Spectator -- You wouldn't perceive her as a threat by merely looking at her, but the powers that be in the Republican Party are sure treating Delaware's Christine O'Donnell as if she's a threat to their wellbeing.  Jeffrey Lord explains why O'Donnell is viewed as so dangerous by the 'Ruling Class.' It's basically because she's never showed any interest in being 'one of them,' so her candidacy instantly represents a threat to their power.

In New Hampshire, principled beliefs triumph over D.C. dictates in favor of Lamontagne
Union Leader -- Publisher Joseph McQuaid on tomorrow's New Hampshire GOP primary writes that establishment favorite Kelly Ayotte's close ties with figures in the national Republican Party won't help her against conservative Ovide Lamontagne. New Hampshire voters are realizing that Lamontagne is the true conservative in the race.  McQuaid points out that even the National Right to Life has recognized its error in endorsing Ayotte too quickly, and the truth is starting to work against her in favor of Lamontagne.

Poll: conservative Christine O'Donnell over RINO Mike Castle by 3 in Delaware -- Politico

Would an O'Donnell victory tomorrow mean the Tea Parties are gearing up to "Remember in November?" -- American Spectator

DeMint bucks the establishment once again, endorses O'Donnell and Lamontagne in primaries -- The Hill (blog)

Buck the D.C. Beltway with Lamontagne, Horn -- Nashua Telegraph

Senate Republican establishment not exactly looking forward to Tea Party majority? -- Hot Air
Senator Jim DeMint refused to go-along-to-get-along, and we're all benefitting -- Washington Examiner

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