Horn For Congress - Please Vote for Jennifer Horn today

Dear Friends,
Today is Primary day and I am asking for your vote.

As I have traveled across the 2nd District, I've met thousands of Granite Staters who feel as I do that we live in the greatest nation on earth. The strength of a nation is measured not by her politicians, but by her people, and the American people are strong.

As your Congresswoman, I promise:
  1. Before every vote I will ask: is this Constitutional, is it right for New Hampshire, is it right for American?
  2. I will read the bill.
  3. I will listen to you.
  4. I will be a loud, principled voice for New Hampshire.
  5. I will not back down.
It is time to move our nation forward. It is time to put an end to the reign of career politicians and Washington insiders and send new leadership and a new energy to represent us.

As a small business owner, radio talk show host and mother of 5 children, I understand how the failed policies of Washington hurt real people every day. Washington has become arrogant and disconnected. We can do better.

We must return to our founding principles:

-         Limited government
-         Limited spending
-         Personal responsibility

We must stand together now and preserve for our children and our children's children the America of unlimited opportunity that our parents passed down to us.

That is why I am running. That is why I am asking for your vote.

Horn in the 2nd: An independent Republican

In New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District, Republican and independent voters are looking for a candidate who will be a dependable, independent voice -- and vote -- for limited government, lower spending and a growth-friendly tax policy. That candidate is Jennifer Horn.

In this "year of the outsider," Horn is the candidate who truly embodies what voters say they are looking for. She is a fiscal conservative (also solid on social issues) who has never held elective office, but has paid close attention to local, state and national politics for years.

Speaking of the people, she says, "I think what they want is a Congress that listens to them." She has three basic tests for judging legislation in Congress: "Is it constitutional? Is it right for New Hampshire? Is it right for America?"Without coaching from high-paid political consultants, Jennifer Horn manages to take the right stands. That's because she's a real conservative who instinctively distrusts Washington and politicians, and understands that more often than not Washington's ruling class works against, not for, the people.

She also has no love for Republican Party leaders of the recent past.

"The weakness of the past Republican message is that they wanted to talk about tax cuts without spending cuts," she says.

A charming trait of Jennifer Horn's is that she criticizes her own party almost as much as she does the Democrats, and she was doing that years before the Tea Party movement arose. She is no GOP apologist, and her vote will never be controlled by party bosses.

Voters looking for that kind of independence and commitment to limited government should vote for Jennifer Horn in the Sept. 14 primary. She's the best choice.