Jack for Gov - Get Out And Vote for Jack Kimball Today!

Get Out and Vote For Jack Kimball!
Jack cast his vote for New Hampshire Governor early this morning in Dover.  Now it's up to you to do the same, and we know you will.  Take the time to speak with your neighbors, friends, family, and associates about Jack.
Jack is a businessman, creating jobs in New Hampshire for 30+ years.
Jack is a United States Navy Veteran.
Jack believes in Small Government, Reduced Spending & Tax Cuts.
Jack will push to repeal the Business Enterprise Tax.
Jack will reform the Business Profits Tax to reward rather than punish success.
Jack will govern according to the New Hampshire State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. 
Jack supports State Sovereignty & the Tenth Amendment.
He will have his Attorney General file suit against the Federal Government for the unconstitutional passage of Obamacare.
You will have until 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm to make your decision.  If there ever was a time in our State's history, and our nations's, where a decent, honest, hardworking, self-made man can make a difference for the betterment of all he will serve, now is that time!


Please come and join Jack and all his supporters after the Primary Polls close at The Page in Portsmouth, NH.  Jack will arrive around 7:00 pm.  Here is the address.

The Page
172 Hanover Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801