Tells Supporters Speaker Pelosi Can “Start Packing Her Bags”

Concord, NH- Peterborough’s Charlie Bass was declared the Republican nominee in New Hampshire’s 2nd District race for Congress by the Associated Press just after 1:00 AM this morning with a projected victory of 43% - 35% over his nearest Republican opponent.

Speaking to supporters in Concord, Bass said, “Starting tonight, we will run a vigorous campaign and work hard to win every vote by appealing to Republicans, Independents and even like-minded Democrats.   We will stand to ensure that Nancy Pelosi and this President do not have in Ann Kuster a voice that will propel their failed policies.  We need to ensure that we don’t raise taxes.  That’s not where Ann Kuster stands.   We need to reduce deficits, stop bailouts, and create real jobs in the private sector.   That’s not where Ann Kuster stands.  We need to make sure that common sense prevails over progressive ideologies.  That’s not where Ann Kuster stands.”

Bass said, “My opponent, Ann Kuster, believes that Washington hasn’t spent enough.   She believes that trillion dollar, job-crushing deficits aren’t concerning enough, or that the federal takeover of healthcare didn’t go far enough, and that taxes aren’t high enough.   Well, we’ve had enough!   And I would just like to say this, ‘Madame Speaker, start packing your bags, because on the first day of the new Congress, I will vote to replace you and move America forward, not backward.’”

“As for my opponent,” continued Bass, “all of us must stand together to ensure that this battle to take our country back is Kuster’s last stand.”