SEIA - Solar on United Steel Workers' Petition to U.S. Trade Representative


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) President and CEO Rhone Resch released the following statement following news that the United Steel Workers union has filed a Section 301 petition asking the U.S. Trade Representative to formally investigate China’s trade practices in the renewable energy sector:
“Solar energy is a global industry as reflected by our 1,000 member companies from around the world that serve residential, commercial property and utility customers in the U.S. We believe global competition benefits consumers. SEIA is focused on expanding the U.S. solar energy market and strongly supports open and fair global competition regulated by a strong, enforceable, rules-based international trade system.
“SEIA takes this issue seriously and is closely following the review process. Regardless of the outcome of this petition, it is clear that U.S. domestic clean-energy policies need to be strengthened. We have fallen behind European and Asian nations and need to develop strong and stable clean energy policies that stimulate the U.S. solar market, address financing challenges, expand domestic manufacturing, grow domestic jobs and increase clean energy exports.
“For the U.S. to meet its economic, environment and energy security goals, we must adopt a national comprehensive energy policy. In the absence of such policy, it is critical that the U.S. Congress extend existing policies that are making a difference. Specifically, U.S. policymakers should extend the Treasury Grant Program to support private financing of solar projects, replenish funds borrowed from the Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program and improve application processing, and extend tax credits for investment in solar manufacturing. 

“We shouldn’t let other nations take the lead in an industry that the U.S. invented. This issue is a reminder that it’s now time to reclaim our leadership position in the global clean energy economy.”

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