Statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley on Ann McLane Kuster's Victory in the CD2 Democratic Primary

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Ann McLane Kuster's victory in the second Congressional district primary.

"Ann McLane Kuster's victory tonight gives New Hampshire Democrats yet another fantastic candidate near the top of the ballot, and it puts us in a strong position to keep the second Congressional district seat blue.  She has a long record of supporting progressive causes as a lawyer and public policy advocate in Concord, and as a community organizer and Granite State mother.  

"Numerous people, from longtime activists to independent voters, have all excitedly told me why they are supporting Annie this year.  There is an enormous amount of enthusiasm for her candidacy and I am looking forward to seeing her strong independent voice representing New Hampshire in the United State's House of Representatives.

"Both Ann McLane Kuster and Katrina Swett ran vibrant issue focused campaigns, discussing ways to move our state and country forward with voters across the district.  Our party is stronger because of their competition and debate. 

"Katrina Swett has been a life long champion for middle class families.  Through her work with the Lantos Foundation, Katrina has made a permanent impact on the global fight for human rights, and through her work with the Democratic Party she has made a permanent impact on New Hampshire.

"Now is the time for all Democrats in the second Congressional district to unite and work together to defeat Charlie Bass and his 30 year record as a Washington insider."