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AUL Trains Pregnancy Center Directors to Combat Pro-Abortion Assault

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Texas Reps. Mark Shelton,
Phil King, and Van Taylor

Over the past several years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has stepped up attacks against pregnancy care centers at the federal, state, and local levels. In response, Denise Burke, Vice President of Legal Affairs, and Daniel McConchie, Vice President of Government Affairs, teamed up with Care Net at its annual meeting in Dallas last week to educate pregnancy center leaders on the most important pro-life legislative initiatives across the country and to train them to effectively lobby elected officials. AUL brought in three members of the Texas State Legislature to conduct mock lobbying sessions and demonstrate effective ways for citizens to make their voices heard.

The highlight for attendees was the in-depth briefing on AUL’s “Joint Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Care Centers,” which was adopted this year in Oklahoma and Virginia. AUL will be aggressively pursuing this resolution in other states in 2011.

On The Docket

Obama Department of Justice Wins Temporary Halt to Court Order Blocking Embryo-Destructive Research

“President Obama’s Executive Order on stem cells violates the law,” says AUL Counsel Mary Harned. “We are confident that when all is said and done, both the Administration’s false arguments and its stem cell policy will ultimately be rejected.”

Three weeks ago, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth struck down President Obama’s controversial Executive Order that allows for federal funding of human embryo-destructive research. This decision was temporarily halted last week when the DC Court of Appeals, acting on a request from the Obama Justice Department, suspended Lamberth’s court order to allow time for further review.

Pro-life Americans need to be aware of an important fact surrounding this developing story. The three-judge DC Court of Appeals panel clearly stated that their decision "…should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits [of the case itself].”

Because the President’s stem cell policy contradicts current law, AUL attorneys are confident that the original decision to reject it will ultimately be upheld.

Get the full story on the Obama Administration’s attempt to fund this Life-destructive research on the AUL Blog.

Beijing Anniversary Highlights Need for International Efforts to Defend Life

This week marks the 15th Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women. In 1995, abortion advocates attending the conference, held that year in Beijing, fought hard to establish a “right to abortion” on demand, but were defeated when governments declared that no “right to abortion” would be established. Since that time, abortion activists have worked diligently to insert “abortion rights” language into international legal documents.

This 15th Anniversary of the Beijing Conference - and the continued efforts of pro-abortion advocates to establish an international “right to abortion”- underscores the importance of AUL’s work to defend life internationally. Today, as the most pro-abortion Administration in American history works to convince countries around the world to accept its abortion agenda, AUL attorneys are working diligently to oppose such efforts. Learn more at the AUL Blog.

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