CHQ - For challenging the establishment, Rove says Christine O’Donnell must be punished!

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For challenging the establishment, Rove says Christine O'Donnell must be punished!
Townhall - Principled conservative champion Rebecca Hagelin takes Karl Rove to task for his condescending, hypocritical treatment of Delaware's Christine O'Donnell, and says it's all motivated by Rove's (and other establishment Republicans') desire to hang onto power at any cost, even if it means tossing a fellow Party member to the lions.  Hagelin shares the bad news with Rove and the Big Government, power-loving elites in both parties: your days of working the system for your own personal gain are over. The 'common folk' in the Tea Parties have decided to put the Constitution back in charge.

Craig Shirley:  Americans are sick of playing by the rules when the 'ruling class' doesn't
Washington Times - Conservative stalwart Craig Shirley writes that Americans want to run their lives again, and conservatives should focus on a return to 'local control.' The term 'conservatism' was co-opted by Big-Government Republicans, and conservatives who believe in local autonomy have been tarnished.

The Constitution Still Matters -- Virginia Tea Party Convention, Oct. 8 & 9
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