DNC - Unfit

Please find below the reaction of DNC National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan to Christine O’Donnell’s belief that women in the service academies “cripples the readiness of our defense” and those who endorse a candidate who holds such a belief:

“The fact that Christine O’Donnell believes women in our service academies ‘cripple the readiness of our defense’ makes her unfit to be a United States Senator.  And the fact that Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin would put their name behind a candidate that believes women who serve our country ‘cripple the readiness of our defense’ make them unfit to be commander-in-chief.”


WATCH: Christine O’Donnell state her position that women in the service academies “cripples the readiness of our defense” : http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/66724-1


“O'Donnell, when asked by the moderator whether taxpayer-funded, single-sex military institutions were constitutional, said:

  I think they're definitely constitutional and I think they're vital to the security of our country and to the defense of our country. By integrating women into particularly military institutes, it cripples the readiness of our defense. Schools like The Citadel train young men to confidently lead other young men into a battlefield where one of them will die. And when you have women in that situation, it creates a whole new set of dynamics which are distracting to training these men to kill or be killed. And these dynamics between men and women are what make the relationship between men and women beautiful. So I don't think that we should try to desensitize men to the differences.

In response to a critique of sex discrimination by Hannah Olanoff of the National Organization for Women, O'Donnell replied, ‘It's an honor to be a lady. That's a beautiful part of womanhood is to be ladylike.’ She insisted that West Point ‘has had to lower their standards ... in order for men and women to compete.’ By lowering standards, she added, ‘we have reduced the effectiveness of our military.’”