Fred Who? - Important Letter - Please Read

Dear Friend,                                                                          September 16, 2010

How would you react to the news about an openly gay candidate considering running for President of the United States? 

Well, I can tell you it gives Steve Scheffler, the Iowa Republican National Committeeman and President of the Iowa Christian Alliance nightmares!  He has already threatened me, “…you and the radical homosexual community want to harass supporters of REAL marriage. I will work overtime to help ensure that your political aspirations are aborted right here in Iowa."  This became a front page story in the Des Moines Register.

I want to fight back against this kind of bigotry in the Republican Party. 

We are formulating a plan that may take me on a historic journey over the next two years.  I have spent a lifetime preparing for this, by working for over 30 years as a political consultant and strategist.  I have managed numerous campaigns for candidates and causes all over this country.
Now, I am considering becoming a candidate myself.  I have taken a big step toward that.  I have officially formed the Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee, and announced it in the new issue of New Hampshire Magazine
Many of you stepped up when I was subpoenaed by the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) one year ago.  Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown tried to silence me because I got their Mormon Church backers and them investigated for illegal election activities in California and Maine.  The California election commission (FPPC) prosecuted the Mormon Church and found them guilty on 13 counts.  The New York Times even commended me by name for my resolve in an editorial:  CLICK HERE

I want to continue to fight against these purveyors of hate. 

But I need your help.  Please join with me as I consider this historic undertaking.

We have an aggressive fundraising goal for the fall.  We need to raise a minimum of $50,000 to hire staff, do research, print materials and run a 60 second television commercial to determine whether to pursue a campaign to the American voters.  With your help today, we can reach that fundraising goal.



Your gift of $25  $50  $100  $250  $500 or $1000, or whatever you can afford, will help us do the necessary work to decide whether to go forward.  Ultimately, it may make it possible for me to share the debate stage with Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum (whom I just ran into at the Iowa State Fair) and even Sarah Palin.

Fred Who?

I have already traveled to 16 states this year, including six trips to New Hampshire and three to Iowa. The reception I have received has been incredible. 
Voters are ready for an independent outsider with bold new ideas, who can work well with and has supported both Republicans and Democrats.

If I become a candidate, we will use new media like never before, and work hard to attract lots of new and younger voters.  We have a great web site: which was developed by the same firm that did Ron Paul’s site two years ago.

Please help us with your gift today.  Make a generous online contribution to the: Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee today.  Let’s make history together.

Thank you so very much for your support!
Fred Karger

P.S.  Contribute online by clicking below, or mail a check payable to:  Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee, 1278 Glenneyre, #20, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


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