Jeb Bradley NH Senate - Fiscal Conservatives Who Will Cut Spending and Grow Jobs

Dear Friends,


With the economy stuck in the doldrums, national unemployment of 9.6%, and under-employment near 17%; New Hampshire voters are ready to send Washington a loud and clear message.

 Under liberal Democratic rule in the US House and Senate over the last four years, out of control spending has reached epic proportions with trillion $ deficits stretching as far as the eye can see into our nation’s future. While such spending is unsustainable, Washington Democrats dig a deeper and deeper hole in our fiscal future. Furthermore, Democrats in Washington want to double down on the failed Stimulus, continue government takeover of large segments of our economy, or enact job killing regulations on American businesses.

The following Republican nominees will create jobs, cut spending, lower taxes and restore personal liberties. Please visit their websites and help their efforts to restore common sense in Washington.

United States Senate -- Kelly Ayotte:

First Congressional District -- Frank Guinta:

Second Congressional District – Charlie Bass:

Voters are also ready to change course in Concord also. After 2 Democratic budgets with an increase in spending of 23%, followed by 67 tax and fee hikes including the job-killing LLC Tax, and property tax hikes caused by downshifting state obligations to cities and towns, working families and small businesses have struggled enough.

Please visit John Stephen’s website to learn more about his 10 Point First in the Nation Plan to grow jobs, cut spending and taxes, fight federal mandates, and modernize New Hampshire state government.

John Stephen – Republican Nominee for Governor: 


Thank you very much and have a good weekend.

Jeb Bradley