AFP - Need your advice now before November

Yesterday in Jonesboro, Arkansas an 84 year old lady named Eunice attended our Spending Revolt event. Afterward she told me that instead of walking around her block each day for exercise she drives to different neighborhoods to walk while knocking on doors and handing out our AFP citizen education brochures detailing the voting records of elected officials and asking citizens to persuade these politicians on the issues.
Eunice is truly committed to the cause.
After our rally in Little Rock the night before, at least 40 grassroots activists joined us to go door-to-door.  Together, we knocked on almost 1,000 doors.  Those folks gave up an entire Wednesday evening for the cause.  Afterward, we did take them to Larry's Pizza for the best buffet in town!
Today, I'm in Illinois and I see the same passion and commitment. Right now, we've got literally thousands of activists calling fellow citizens using our "Freedom Phone" program, an at home phone banking system that is easy to use, and quick to learn.  CLICK HERE to join and get started today!
If you have not joined our November is Coming effort, please do so right now.  CLICK HERE. People ask me how to make a difference for our principles, how to return our nation to its founding principles.  This is the way to do it.
You may never have another opportunity this big.  The stakes may never be higher for our nation and our economic freedoms.
Obama and his allies on the Left seem dead-set on forcing a massive tax hike at the end of this year, even though nearly all economists agree this is a terrible time to raise taxes.  Even Obama's own former budget director has said any tax hikes should be delayed for at least two years.

Now is the time to get out there and start making a difference. To paraphrase the late great President Ronald Reagan, "If not now, when.  If not us, then who?"
That's why I'm making this direct appeal to you -- join our November is Coming effort.  Sign up to be an at-home "freedom phoner."  Go knock on doors.  Be a Neighborhood Leader.  CLICK HERE
We're winning but we've got to keep fighting.

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Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

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